Orange, CA Termite Control

damaged wood

Termites damage many homes every year estimating around 2 billion dollars worth in damage to homes and buildings. If you don’t want to become a statistic you must have a regular inspection done on your property. Something many people fail to do.

They will eat through your wooden structure, causing you expensive repairs that will only increase for every day that they go unnoticed.

If you want to get serious about termite protection it’s time to call our specialists. We will come out and inspect your property then create a treatment plan specifically suited for your needs.

Termite Inspection

Having an inspection annually or quarterly is an essential way to minimize damages and repairs from infestation. Orange Quality Pest Control will insist that you should have a full assessment of possible areas wherein they might infest and feed on.

After having your place inspected for possible infestation, our specialists will provide you treatment methods to maintain and prevent this pest from ever invading your home again. Our preventive methods are in no doubt the best you can find here in Orange, California. We provide early detection methods for termite activities to help and save your property from serious damage.

Once we’ve identified the type of termite, if any are present, then we can choose the right treatment. Different types often call for different treatments. Many of our customers have mistaken them as ants in the past which is why encourage you to let us come inspect your property first.

How does an infestation occur?

This kind of pest is a living creature that needs food can survive. They mostly feed on cellulose-based material like woods, boxes, books, and furniture. They usually forage food and most of the time they are found foraging more than 150 feet from their colony.

So how do we get infested? Based on studies, there are two possibilities. The first possibility is when they forage for food and ends up into a structure. They sometimes use mud tunnels over walls to provide themselves an access to the structure they are feeding on.

The second possibility is when they send out reproductive termites to start new colonies. Once they find a suitable area for their colony they will start a new colony and chances are is that it can be near our house.

Signs Of Termites

Infestation is usually not visible until damages occur. They are mostly seen in dark places for safety purposes. When termites start feeding on woods, detecting them will be a challenge.

They can enter your home through cracks, joints, and any imperfections around the foundation. Most people discover them by the mud tubes or tunnels they create. However, there are smaller signs you might notice easier including:

  • Soft floorboards
  • Rippling, staining or bulging of painted wood
  • Hollow sound when tapping a wall or other wood
  • Falling mud or dirt from joints when tapped
  • Discarded wings

If you suspect a termite problem or have a question about them give our technician a call today! They’d be happy to help and we’re to educate our customers on the best pest prevention services so inquire about our preventative maintenance plans as well.