Orange CA Rodent Control

You can’t ignore rats and mice like some other pests. They can cause a lot of damage to your home, resulting in expensive repairs. This is why we try to stress the importance of taking care of a rodent problem when you first discover it.

What are rodents?

Rats and mice are rodents because they are tiny creatures that has a scissor-like teeth that enables them to gnaw or chew on things like wood, boxes, food, wires, and many more. 40% of mammals are in classified as rodents.

Rodents in Orange, California

These creatures are seen in all parts of the world, especially in Orange, California. Residents near canals or in moist areas are usually infiltrated by these pests.

Rats and mice go and hunt for food. These are usually seen in homes and most of the time in food establishments. You’ll know if you are invaded, if you’ll see pellet-like feces on desks or floors and gnaw marks on wood, boxes, wires, and food. They also leave a pungent smell.

Many of our clients that needs rodent control are located in villages, rural areas, hotels, and in restaurants. If these pests are unattended, we could be facing a serious damage, and they’ll continue to increase the size of their colony.

Tips for dealing with rodents

  1. Seal entry points. It is okay to admit that we sometimes missed a hole to be sealed, and we don’t know that we are being invaded by these pests. Upon checking for entry points, seal it immediately. To prevent rodent invasion.
  2. Good sanitation. A clean environment is a safe and worry-free place. Every week we must disinfect areas you think they could go or enter. Clear out stagnant places where they could hide. We cannot guarantee that a well-maintained house keeps these pests away, but if you have poor sanitation, you could attract them even more.
  3. Keep it clean on the outside too. Cleaning inside is a good practice, as well as cleaning it on the outside. Remove debris and keep your grass short, they might hide here. Keep your sheds clean and throw away old tires or cans that might have stagnant water.
  4. Call our rodent experts. You could make your own traps especially people in their houses. You could also purchase a bait at a hardware store. But as a pest expert, we recommend that you leave it to our care. These pests are still a health threat to us and every day they get wiser and can easily avoid traps. We’ll target the nest of these creatures, and we’ll precisely and safely eliminate them.

Many of our customers can’t help but question their own cleanliness when they’ve discovered rodents invading their home. Rodents will take over any space; clean or filthy. They are searching for shelter, food and water. They aren’t aware of how clean their surroundings are so don’t be discouraged when you find a rat or mouse in your home.


mouse in a cage

Exterminating Rodents the Orange Quality Pest Control way!

Rat and mice are good at hiding in places we don’t easily notice which is why they can easily go undetected for some time before you finally notice feces, damaged wires, an actual mouse or rodent or you simply hear them at night while you’re trying to sleep.

Many products can be found in stores to help catch rats and mice but our customers call us after they’ve attempted to take care of the problem on their own, only to be frustrated and out of the money spent on traps, glue, etc.

Save your money and call our Orange rodent control experts today! We will take care of the rodents and help you detect the areas in which they gained access to your home so that they can’t return at a later time.

Pick up the phone and give us a call at (714) 701-6917. We can schedule your appointment and answer any questions you might have regarding our treatment process or about rats or mice.