Orange, CA Bed Bug Treatment

You might be surprised to find bed bugs in your home but many residents aren’t aware that they have been on the rise in the area and all across the U.S. Even five-star hotels have been noticing a jump in this type of incidents which can have negative effects on their business. This is because they are easily transported by people and their belongings, often without their knowledge. Unless you get bit you don’t know they’re traveling with you.

Bed Bug Identification

Recognizing bed bugs can be done by our technician or you can identify them as well. They are small, oval pests, typically mahogany or red. Their size will depend upon the cycle of life they’re in but adults can reach 1/5 inch in length. They are flat but will become larger and elongated after feeding.


Check for Infestation

Most people assume that they only invade beds. In fact they do, but they can also invade any furniture and areas in your home. Be sure to check all crevices and cracks of furniture near the bed and other areas including the mattress, frame, nightstand, dresser, behind outlets, and any decor on the wall. If you aren’t sure it’s bugs that you’re finding call our experts today to come out and inspect your home. Many times we have to treat more rooms than just the bedroom where these bugs were discovered. This is because they easily travel to other rooms throughout your home and being so small in size it can be easy to miss them.

Bed Bugs Bite

They will bite you, feeding on you while you sleep. Night is when they come out of hiding which is why many people wake up with bites on their bodies. The bed bugs will use a stylet, piercing your skin to suck your blood. Why can’t you feel them biting? They use a stylet to inject their saliva into your skin while feeding and this saliva has a numbing agent, which is why you cannot feel them biting.

Their bites can swell after time but are usually red and itchy. If you scratch it continuously you could irritate the bites further making it harder to treat them. You don’t need to worry about getting a disease if you are bitten, but don’t let this keep you from treating them right away.

Orange CA Treatment

Our bed bug control experts know how to get the job done right, the first time. Hiring a professional pest control company to take care of your problems is the best option. Yes, it is typically more costly than other pest services but they are harder to treat and require a more extensive treatment process. You will save money, in addition to your time, by having our control techs take care of this particular problem for you.

If you’re worried that bed bugs are invading your home give us a call at (714) 701-6917 today. Orange Quality Pest Control can explain our treatment process and answer any questions you might have.