Orange, CA Flea Solution



They are a common pest in the Orange, CA area and typically for pet owners. Fleas can be a very frustrating pest to deal with and because we understand this we encourage you to call us to help you remove them.>

Fleas will suck the blood of humans and animals, jumping from host to host. They have flat bodies and are hard to catch and kill because they’re quick. Their color is typically shiny red-brown and if you look closely you will notice small hairs along their body.

Fortunately, they won’t attach their eggs to a host, however, they will attach their eggs to ground coverings and locations; your carpeting, rugs, furniture upholstery, and so on. Their eggs normally hatch swiftly; as quickly as 2 days.


Signs Of Infestation

Humans are not the primary victim of fleas. They are first found in cats or dogs. Our pets can become infected when they are outside. Once attached to animals, it will then infest its fur. After the fur, it will then infest the places they sleep like carpets and rugs.

Fleas are parasites, they depend on blood from the host to survive. They might also become an inside problem once their previous host disappears. When this happens, they will now focus on feeding on other hosts present inside the home. And this can be a very serious problem especially when they start infesting on humans.

Here is a list of signs of infestations:

  • Fleabites – Humans can also be a victim. When bitten it may leave an itchy bite marks. Medical consultation is required
  • Feces – Their droppings look similar to ground black pepper and can be seen in areas where your pets sleep.
  • Pet Scratching – When there is a presence of flea activity, our pets tend to continuously scratch a particular area on their body. This is the most common sign of infestation.
  • Adult Fleas – Once they enter the adult stage, locating them will now be easy due to their size.
  • Flea eggs – As said above, their eggs can be found in places where our pets take rest, behind furniture, carpets and cracks on floors.


Many times our customers discover a flea problem either through the bites on their bodies or the excessive scratching their pet has endured. This pest can easily infest a room or area quickly and embed themselves in the carpet to lay eggs, causing a larger infestation than you started with.

Fleabites are very itchy and may become sore and painful. Sometimes a rash near the bite may experience. Scratching can cause damage to the skin and a bacterial infection in the area of the bite. It can also cause an allergic reaction to people with allergies. Symptoms are red bumps on the skin and having trouble breathing. Avoid scratching when bitten and observe it for signs of infection.

Get Rid Of Fleas

Treating them is a tedious task if you use in-store products and they aren’t always successful. Save your money, and time, by calling our exterminators today. We will take care of the problem for you, however, if you do have pets you must treat them for fleas as well. To completely exterminate them, both home and pet must be treated. Give Orange Quality Pest Control a call at (714) 701-6917 today to learn more about our service.