Orange, CA Ant Control

We have taken many calls regarding ant control and have yet to meet a customer that didn’t mind them invading their space.

Depending on the type of ant your issue might require a certain type of treatment, but rest assured our exterminators can take care of it regardless.

About Ants

Ants are very common insects found in every house. And once they’re inside your home, they are very frustrating to deal with. Some of them have unique capabilities depending on the species. They are social insects, which means they live in large colonies or groups. Their colonies can consist of millions of individuals.



Ants are sometimes confused with termites. Their difference is that they have a narrow waist between their abdomen and thorax, while termites do not have. They also have large heads and powerful jaws.

Their exoskeleton is made up of chitin which makes it hard and waterproof. They also have to antennae that they use to identify their mates and detect their enemies.

Colonies & Nest

Ants is considered as a social insect because they live and work as a group. Their colonies is consist of the queen and the workers. Their queen is the founder and the leader of their colony. She is responsible for laying and producing thousands of eggs. Their queen can live up to fifteen years. On the other hand, the workers, they have to forage food and protect their colony. They can thrive for up to 7 years.

They are not that picky when picking a location for their colony as long as it is not easily disturbed. Ants colonies are very large. Inside their colony, it can be consist of 200,000 to 400,000 individuals. Once a threat is detected, they can easily and quickly transfer.

Identify their entry points

Sometimes, we tend to determine where exactly or how exactly do these ants get in our home. They don’t require huge holes to get in your house, any small fractures around your house can be their entry points. Once they discover a way around your house, they’ll start seeking for food. You will end up seeing them in your kitchen, eating sweets like sugars or something greasy.

Did you know that they leave scent tracks as they travel? This scent track is an invisible chemical that allows other ants to follow along that path as well. When they try to seek for food, they use this scent track to follow their trail back to the others. That is why most of the time, we see them systematically looking for food.

Ants Treatment

Battling them on your own can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if they’re invading your kitchen. Nobody wants to constantly spray chemicals on their countertops and other areas they frequently use. That’s why we recommend calling our ant control techs if you’ve noticed one in your home.

We offer one-time treatments in addition to regular pest control. Depending on the experiences you’ve had with ants and other pests, you might prefer one of our preventative treatment plans. Give Orange Quality Pest Control a call at (714) 701-6917 today to see how we can help you eliminate them for good.